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We  are constantly doing activities to collect funds to send to rescue groups and support their needs.  


Here are some of the events already done and  currently happening.

* KOA Restaurants partnerships (All year round) If you live in Miami or are there on a trip make sure you stop by KOA POKE AND BURRITO and buy a bottle of water! We get a portion of the profit every time you do so!  1600 Collins Ave. South Beach. @koapoke

* Beads for Lives Bracelets (All year round)  For a $50 Donation not only you will receive a tax receipt but you will also get in return for your generosity   a beautiful handmade bracelet made of natural stones and sterling silver beads!    Many different stones and colors to choose from! 

Look for more info and pictures   on facebook!

* Brand New or Gently used items for sell (All year round)

All year round we accept donations of brand new or gently used items that can be sold via Facebook market, Offer Up, Let Go, Ebay etc. and can bring funds into the foundation! We have sold clothes, accessories, technology items, furniture,  art and many other things. If you would like to donate an item please contact us!  

*Global Pet Food events in Mississauga, ON

We will be having adoption and fundraising events every couple of months at the  Global Pet Foods at Eglinton-Winston Churchill  In Mississauga,ON. Cookies, cupcakes and  Beads For Lives bracelets are usually for sell to collect funds and you can meet the available dogs  in person! 

*Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart partnership  for events.   We had the opportunity to partner with Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart and provide them with dogs people can interact with at their conferences.  
We raised awareness of the many rescue dogs out there and the fact that people should ADOPT DON’T SHOP. At the same time we fundraise  money that will go towards rescues in need! 

*Stay tuned for future fundraising events and activities! 


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