While our main focus is fundraising for rescues in need there are some  occasions where a dog in need is taken under Helping Paws Foundation to find him/her a forever home. We provide all veterinary care needed, place the dog in a foster home (We have foster homes in Florida-USA and Ontario- Canada) and find them loving families.    Here are the lucky ones! 

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Female/ Spayed/ Min Pin Mix/2-3 years old / 6 lb./ Good with dogs, cats and older gentle kids. Lilis was living on the streets for several months before she was rescued. She was most likely abandoned by her owners and was suffering all the concecuences of street living. Luckily for her The Snoppi Project took her in and was able to get her ready for adoption. Lili's has won her foster parent's hearts in Canada and has stayed with them forever!