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Helping Paws Foundation is a registered American charitable organization  established to assist animal rescue organizations that are in need of funding or additional resources.

Every day, volunteers at animal rescue groups work very hard to help take animals from difficult and precarious situations and find them stable homes. Whether they are from owner surrender situations, high-kill shelters, strays or puppy mills, these animals all have something in common: they need medical care, transportation, pet supplies, food, training and rehabilitation.  Unfortunately, all of these items cost a lot of money, and animal rescues simply never have enough of it.

The hardest part for any animal rescue group is fundraising.  Rescues primarily focus on caring for the animals; a lot of their efforts are made in the logistics of running a rescue group.  As a result, rescue groups find themselves with very little time and resources to raise funds.  We previously ran an animal rescue group, and we know the daily struggles that each organization goes through. 


What Helping Paws Foundation does is support these animal rescue groups by raising the money and resources needed to achieve each rescue’s goal of saving as many animals as they can.  We use our extensive network to launch donation campaigns and fundraisers.  We then connect with many animal rescue groups worldwide and provide them with the financial support they need, whether it is food or life-saving surgeries.  


Our Foundation also focuses on helping rescue groups that organize free education, vaccination and sterilization campaigns to help control the overpopulation of animals.  We believe that education of communities and sterilization of animals is the key to a better future of animal welfare.  We have seen this firsthand a year ago when we participated in a free sterilization campaign in a small town in a rural part of Mexico.  During this weekend campaign, hundreds of dogs and cats were spayed and neutered, and many more were examined without cost.  Being part of this much needed event for a small community in Mexico was a beautiful and eye-opening experience.  This is one of the reasons why Helping Paws Foundation was born.  We wanted to do more.

Through our Foundation, our goal is to give our full commitment and support to the many rescue groups that save lives every single day.  With your tax deductible donation, we can help make a difference.



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